Hurricane Woman

The original Hurricane Woman oil painting is sold out, but due to popular demand, it is now available as a print.


Hurricane Woman was used as the cover of APEX Magazine.
The magazine’s editor had this to say about the image:

“Hurricane Woman” by Sarah Zar is a little different style than most of the covers I choose for Apex Magazine. The speculative element is more subtle, less spectacular unreality and more the hidden storm inside of us all. The woman’s face is impassive. Her clothing nearly matches the background, as if she spends her life trying to blend in, not wanting to call attention to herself. But the moment of the piece is one in which she’s revealing what is inside of her. She pulls apart the fabric of her dress (of herself?) and inside a storm is brewing. One that spills out of her. One that could drown us all. And I’d swear there’s a glint in her eyes as she stares back at the viewer that is daring us to judge her, to judge the fact that she couldn’t hold back the emotions roiling within her any longer.”

1 review for Hurricane Woman

  1. J. R.

    A. totally loves your pieces. Raves about them. She has other beautiful pieces and has very good taste.

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Hurricane Woman

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