Ravens and Stars


Mars Lumograph Graphite,Archival paper,Watercolors

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Graphite and watercolor on archival paper.
This piece is signed by the artist.

This is an ORIGINAL drawing, the only one of its kind, full of ravens carrying stars through the night sky, and was inspired by this poem:


each star is a raven’s tongue
silhouetted by day
in a cackling caw,
’til the flocks
open wide and sing their silent
celestial song.

when all the stars swarm,
then comes night.

– Florian Strellar

This drawing is shipped in a protective package, carefully packed and tracked, and comes with a certificate of provenance. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!


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Size Chart

Height: 15.75 Inches; Width: 11.5 Inches

Ravens and Stars

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