Rearing View Mare


ORIGINAL signed drawing. Mars Lumograph graphite, archival paper, watercolors, aquarelle pencils.

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Graphite, aquarelle pencils, and watercolor on heavy archival paper with a ragged edge.
This extremely large drawing is signed by the artist.

This is an ORIGINAL drawing, the only one of its kind. It depicts a bizarre lavender landscape with lots of strange figures in peculiar scales and states of being. A young boy rides a horse with a blanket decorated with Scottish thistles past a gigantic moon in a field of falling stars. This image takes place in the exact moment where the horse and rider happen upon a peculiar mass of human forms, rising up out of the ground. The horse rears up to avoid stepping on this unknown creature, but the boy maintains his grip and focus. The form contains a dreamer, a violin player, young and old people in various states of action and repose, and a man steering a boat with a gigantic woman’s head rising up from the prow. The forms interconnect and leave lots of room for the imagination to run wild through this fallen star-field of purple flowers and space-time anomalies. If you are looking for a truly strange conversation piece to get the imagination fired up, you’ve found it! This lowbrow pop-surrealist drawing is a great gift for any library wall or book lover. This drawing is shipped in a protective package, carefully packed and tracked, and comes with a certificate of provenance. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

This artwork was handmade by the interdisciplinary artist S. Zar. Zar has exhibited in the U.S. and abroad, including shows at Denise Bibro Fine Art/ Platform Gallery in NYC, Pratt Institute, Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, the Chautauqua Institution, Sideshow Gallery, BLAM, and Stephen Romano Gallery. She had her first international solo exhibition at Afterhours Projects in Toronto, Canada, in 2013. Zar has been the recipient of numerous awards, including The Roanne Kulakoff Award for Painting and the Bradley Smith Award for Sculpture. Recent publications include IPMM and Apex Magazine. Her first art book, Riddled With Spots, was recently published by A. Keck Press and is available in the curated, 2nd-floor bookstore at the Museum of Modern Art, in Manhattan.


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Rearing View Mare

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