I Paint My Mind

“It’s not often that you find artists that excel in 5 or more mediums […].

Paintings, collage, drawing, objects, & photography are all part of her creative practice, and after delving into her portfolio, it became clear to me that her output is the product of an insatiable mind. Questions, perspectives, reflections, and critiques, all embedded in a variety of modes & applications, creating incredibly wide ranging bodies of work that stop you in your tracks.

Sarah Zar’s art is moody… in a really palatable, cool way. She blends texture & technique in differentiating proportions, letting ephemera lead when it needs to, while giving it her own unique spin. Whether her Historic Manscapes series in which a man shares a sunset, her radical collages, or her paintings, it’s clear Sarah needs to be making things.

I, for one, am grateful that she does.

In the following Exclusive Interview on IPaintMyMind, Sarah & I unpack inspiration, obstacles, history, and her concept of ‘thinking through sight.’”

– Excerpt from “The Perfectly Moody Collages, Paintings, & Photography of Brooklyn’s Sarah Zar”, a feature in IPMM, with Evan La Ruffa. Read more here…


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Hello, beautiful!

This shop is temporarily paused while the art is vacationing in a solo exhibition. Feel free to look around anyhow, and let me know if you have any questions!